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Classic Strategy Games


New life for old classic games is our goal. Many great games have fallen by the way side, only to be picked up again when the 'newer' games let you down. You only wish that these favorite classics has some new twist or were updated just a little. Your wish has been granted! You can always can count on the highest standard of fun when you purchase any of the selections found on our site. Unless noted, all of these variants require ownership of the original game.

Forward March. . . .

One of the reasons the game has managed to stand the test of time is that the original game system was very well designed. None of the changes with the exceptions of the Leader and Partisan Rules have done more than tweak a very solid gaming system. These are of course not official rules, they are designed to help you further enjoy the game. Try out what appeals to you. Players must agree to any new before starting.

  • Leaders
    Relive history with Washington, Cornwallis or even Benedict Arnold. Can you defeat the mighty British Army or will the rebels collapse? Learn what effect good leadership had on the outcome of the American Revolution.

  • Elite units
    These "Elite" rules improve the historical flavor of this game, some of the play balance and offer real options that were available to the participants of the conflict but are not included in the original 1776 Game.

  • Partisan Leaders
    Now you can also add both Tory and Rebel Partisan Leaders to your 1776 game! Included are the rules for 1776 Tory and Rebel Partisan Leaders and Full Color DIE CUT Partisan Leader Counters


Pre-20th Century
Some of the oldest games and subjects. These games are also the most fun and quickest play. There are tow ways to learn history, read a book on the subject OR play a game about it!

  • Waterloo Version 2
    Waterloo Revision is a completely new game to recreate the battle of Waterloo using the Avalon Hill Waterloo game map. New combat resolution system realistically reflects combat of the early 19th Century. Step reduction, morale, command and control are just some of the changes made to improve the game system. Add new life to your old classic Avalon Hill game. Includes new rule book, CRT and a double sided die cut counter sheet.

  • Waterloo Scenarios
    Two scenarios to expand the play-ability of your old Waterloo game. Re fight the battle of Wavre and stop the battle of Waterloo from ever occurring. or begin the battle of Waterloo a day earlier and cross the Sambre in a more urgent manner than did Napoleon.

  •  New Item  Chancellorsville - counter sheet 2nd edition

  • Chancellorsville - Four More Battles
    Four scenarios for inclusion of more battles in Northern Virginia. The four scenarios include the civil war battles that occurred in and around the Northern Virginia area - Fredricksburg ( December 1862), The Wilderness (May 1864), Spottsylvania (May 1864) and of course the battle of Chancellorsville. Complete new counter sheets include all the units of both the Union Army of the Potomac and the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the periods of each particular battle


Add the elusive Blitzkrieg Module System, New Units or updated counters to your game and enjoy your army (RED or BLUE) conquering the BLITZKRIEG map board to win once again!

  • Replacement Counter set
    Complete set of un-punched BLITZKRIEG counters for both the red and blue nations.

  • New Style Counter set
    Armor units are tank outlined and aircraft are bomber fighter or helicapter outlines.

    From deep within the pages of the out of print The General magazine are some idea's and rules for the fortification of your home country as well as conquered lands. All are presented here along with Fort Counters.

  • Surface Raiders
    Taken from the Avalon Hill game magazine The General Vol. 12 No. 2

  • Blitzkrieg Module System
    The BLITZKRIEG MODULE SYSTEM revision designed by James F. Dunnigan (who has never played the game) and put into an understandable format by Redmond Simonsen (who has played the game frequently). Mr. Dunnigan's ideas and Mr. Simonsen's organizational talents (not to mention his artistic talents) became so intermingled by the time the project was finished that it would probably be best to say that they both did it. Includes new units for the additional rules of air transport, Naval forces, Invasions, FLAK, Rail Road Transport, Supply, Gorilla units and much more! Forget about splitting hairs and leave it at that. For more on where all this fusion of talent will lead see the last paragraph in the IF LOOKS COULD KILL DEPARTMENT.
  • Blitzkrieg Module System Both RED and BLUE units

  • Blitzkrieg Module System Minor Country Armies

    The Third Blitz (or BLITZKRIEG goes GREEN)
    Now Three and Four Player BLITZKRIEG is possible - A Third Major Power - Gigantic Green - can take on BLUE and RED for world (game map) domination. Not only is a complete new counter sheet for the Gigantic Green Army available, but there is also a Blitzkrieg Module System Gigantic Green counter sheet . Now with the addition of a player to control the Minor Countries and another player to control Gigantic Green four people can enjoy BLITZKRIEG!


War at Sea & Victory in the Pacific
War at Sea and its follow up Victory in the Pacific are two of the most enjoyable games that Avalon Hill ever created. Fast playing and easy to learn it still calls many out to sea.

  • War at Sea Deux (II)
    Almost a whole new game ! Add realism and new German and Allied units to your game. Updated and corrected map and units sail on the seas once again. If the Allies used better tactics could they have ended the war in 1941?

  • PLAN Z for War at Sea
    Almost a whole new game !
    Add realism and new German and Allied units to your game. Both Axis and Allied planned ship building are added. Also works with the updated and corrected WAS DEUX maps and units. Included are such units as German BB's better than Bismarck such as Hindenburg and Koster, CV's Peter Strasser and Europa, CVL's Converted Pocket BB's and many MORE ! Also Allied planed ships to counter German PLAN like the Great Britain Lion class BB's and Soviet Soyuz class BB's. More Allied CV's too! This is a MUST for all WAS fans! Includes Rule booklet and Mounted and Die cut Counter sheet with almost 40 new ships.

  • DELUXE War at Sea
    Brighter (more colorful)! These new War at Sea counter sets are in PLAN Z format. They are easier to read, more capable of handling damage (markers) and add new life to your War at Sea game. Each set is full color, die cut and clear coated for years of sailing through friendly and enemy sea's! All the ships the sailed the Atlantic waters are included, English, German, Italian, American, French, Russian and Greek navies are all fully recreated.

  • War at Sea Deux ships in Z format
    War at Sea II ships in the Plan Z Format! Can be used to replace WAS II counters. French ships are double sided for ease of use when determining if the are now Vichy or Free French. ALL the ships from WAS DEUX are included in the counter set maps and units.

    WAR AT SEA and VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC use the same game system to recreate the naval wars in the Atlantic and Pacific during World War II. The temptation to link them into one game about the worldwide naval struggle is irresistible — and what can you call such a global scale game except VICTORY AT SEA.

  • Victory in the Pacific ships in Z format
    You've asked for them. NOW THERE HERE! Unpunched replacement counter sheets for Avalon Hill's Victory in the Pacific. Double sided die cut counters. New actual ship silhouettes that have been painstakingly recreated and placed on the actual ships counter. New vivid coloring for both the Patrolling and Raider side of each counter. Now you can replace you missing Akagi or even replace the entire battle-worn fleets with the new colorful counters. "All Hands - Man your stations. Chippers and painters fore to aft."

  • Victory in the Pacific - British Expansion
    Early in the career of VITP, it was acknowledged that the Japanese have a definite edge in play, and various optional rules have been suggested in an attempt to redress the balance. However, now it was suggested of the reintroduction of an element that was left out of the game specifically because it provides too much of an offensive threat for the Allies late in the game namely, the British East Indies Fleet.

    New Item 
  • Victory in the Pacific - The Eight-Eight Fleet Program Expansion
    (Hachihachi Kantai) Adding the Imperial Japanese Navy’s 8-8 fleet plan to Victory in the Pacific. This is expansion kit for Victory in the Pacific based on Japanese fictional war novel "Story of the Eight-Eight fleet". From the VERY RARE 1996 Japanese 'Simulations Journal / Game Journal' Magazine.



Take your old games and make it seem like NEW or add some new tactical variants, maps, full color counters, scenarios and more!

  • The Russian Campaign - Variant X
    Do you feel that a simulation should only give one a starting point? That rules should not restrict "because it was not done", but only because it was not possible? Do you hunger for German paratroops or Russian dive-bombers? Then here is another "what if" RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN variant for you. This variant is the final result of a labor of love. Special effort was made to achieve as much consistency as possible. In other words, the rules should apply the same to both sides. The General Vol. 18 No. 5 Includes:The rule booklet with new rules for this variant, Complete German and Russian OOB charts , An additional 30 mounted & die cut Counters.

  • The Russian Campaign New Color Counter Sheet
    Replace worn out or lost counters. All of the optional units too.. Now add new life and more counters to your Avalon Hill game! These full color counter sheets are mounted and die cut.

  • Stalingrad via Turkey
    Add Turkey as an Axis ally for the drive on Stalingrad. What if the German Panzers had linked up with a drive from Turkey. Could Russia survive such an onslaught? Add realism and new OOB's to your Stalingrad with this 'what might have been' variant. Can YOU conquer mother Russia?

  • Stalingrad New Color Counter Sheet
    Replace worn out or lost counters. Gone are the old RED and BLUE counters. Now add new life and more realistic color counters to your Avalon Hill game! These full color counter sheets are mounted and die cut.

  • AFRIKA KORPS - Desert Deception
    Add realism with the fog of war to your AFRIKA KORPS game! This variant brings out the true role of reconnaissance units to the game. New units that are 'missing' from the original game are also added, including: The Long Range Desert Group, Panzer Division Kampfgruppe, Axis Substitute counters, and MORE.

  • AFRIKA KORPS - Operation Compass
    A whole new game for AFRIKA KORPS! This variant begins with the Italian invasion of Egypt in 1940 and ends when the Desert Fox arrives (where the original AFRIKA KORPS game begins. Air and Sea power now take their rightful place in the battle for the control of North Africa.

  • AFRIKA KORPS - Operation Crusader  New Item 
    A new place to start off Afrika Korps. A whole new scenario game for AFRIKA KORPS ! This variant covers Operation "Crusader," or (as it is sometimes called) the Winter Battle, that was fought in November 1941 to January 1942 with the goal of relief of the garrison at Tobruk. The battle was over a vast area by the largest concentration of armoured vehicles that had yet been assembled in the Western Desert. Now take the position of the Desert Fox or General Sir Alan Gordon Cunningham in the battle for the control of North Africa.

  • AFRIKA KORPS - Neu Counter Sheet
    Gone are the old RED and BLUE counters. Now add new life and more realistic color counters to your Avalon Hill game! Also includes 2 Panzer Kampfgruppes for both the 21st and 15th Panzer Divisions Panzer Regiments. These full color counter sheets are mounted and die cut!.

  • D-DAY Reprize variant
    Add realism and new rules to your D-DAY game! For both the 1965 and 1977 versions. Included are new counters that should have been added by AH when the game was updated in 1977. There are counters for Air Support, objective control, and rail movement. Also included in this variant are the optional realistic WEATHER rules and a Weather map.

  • D-DAY Step Reduction Variant
    A Variation in play A game variant with counters! For the 1961, 1965 & 1977 editions D-DAY Variation & Play Taken from The General Vol. 11 No. 1 by Robert W. Garbisch with Brian Libby All of these Optional Rules are for the 1965 edition of the game, though all editions use the same map board and counters. So you can use these rules with any edition. Rules here are invoked primarily for realism and, or historical flavor. Fortunately, in D-DAY, that's quite easy. Several tools are available. Also the new colonized D-DAY replacement counter sheet (available separately) and from Avalon Hill's 'The 'General 11-1 ' a counter sheet that contains all of the needed counters for the optional rules and they look much nicer too.

  • D-DAY 1965 & 1977 Neu Counter Sheet
    Replace worn out or lost counters. Gone are the old RED and BLUE counters. Now add new life and more realistic color counters to your Avalon Hill game! These full color counter sheets are mounted and die cut.

    5 NEW games for ANZIO! While the Italian Campaign was thoroughly documented, presumably authoritative sources do not agree with each other regarding the sequence of events, or with the original OOB of ANZIO (although this OOB has relatively few discrepancies). ANZIO has been rightly praised as one of the most historically accurate of all war games. This exciting variant is consistent with the existing OOB and considerations of play-balance. Victory conditions of these 5 new scenarios are intended to be as historically faithful as possible.

  • Bulge '65 - New Counter Sheet
    Gone are the old RED and BLUE counters. Now add new life and more relisitic color counters to your Avalon Hill game! These full color counter sheets are mounted and die cut!

  • Bulge 1940 Variant
    A variant for both the 1965 and 1981 edition of the BATTLE OF THE BULGE game. Complete German OOB for the invasion of France in 1940, and Allied OOB to stop them! Was the battle of France decided even before the Panzers Crossed the Meuse River, or will the drive become so costly that even Hitler would have to admit that the huge gamble is over?

  • Bulge 1981 Scenarios & Update
    Add realism and new German OOB's to your BATTLE OF THE BULGE '81 game. Adds two German optional OOB's that are 'might have been' if OKH had optioned to use a less ambitious plan than the one used for the 'Autumn Mist' (formerly 'Watch on the Rhine') offensive in the west. Can YOU slow the Western Allied Drive to the Rhine?

  • '81 General Vol.25 No. 2 Counters
    Re-print of the counter sheet that was included in the Avalon HIll General Magazine, Volume 25 Number 2, to correct the counter set with both corrected values and missing units.

  • Bulge '81 Revision DREI
    Corrected values for both German and Allied units, as well as new units that could have taken part in the battle, all on die cut counters. Improved positions are also added to help on the defensive. This is a whole new game and new way to look at the "Battle of the Bulge".


Naval Games
Jutland, Midway and Bismarck are some of most enjoyable games that Avalon Hill ever created. Challenging the best Sailor to change the course of history on the high seas.

  • JUTLAND - Probable Possibilities
    The "what could have been" at Jutland This revised re-print update was first seen in the rare and highly sought after issue of the Avalon Hill magazine "General" Sep-Oct 1975 issue, Volume 12, No 3. This update features in addition to the revised re-print, mounted and die cut variant counters. Contains: New die cut ship counters and Rule book for the additional scenario's and ships

  • BISMARCK - Search for the Graf Spee
    This addition brings new search maps and ships for you to search and sink the Graf Spee (The german raider before Bismarck). Utilizing the same rules (and some of the ships) from the Bismarck game, but now you can add new life with this additional historical battle. Die cut and clear coated ship counters are included along with full size un-mounted search board, printed on heavy stock. Designed to add more pliability and fun to your Bismarck game.

  • MIDWAY via the CORAL SEA
    Almost 4 complete new games ! Using the familiar Midway methodology, relive the carrier battles of the South Pacific during 1942 and 1943. With updated and corrected maps (Search Boards) of the Cora; Sea and new ships you can sail the Coral Sea once again. 4 New complete scenarios for the Coral Sea, Eastern Solomons, Santa Cruz & Guadalcanal battles. Includes 2 new search maps,one for the Allied player and one for the Japanese Player, 3 sheets od die sut ship and aircraft counters, PLUS NEW playing aids to track aircraft readying and ship damage.

  • MIDWAY - Leyte Gulf game expansion
    A revised & complete Variant from 'The General' Vol10 No.3 The battle of LEYTE GULF October, 1944. For four days in October of 1944, there occurred what may be said to be the greatest naval battle in history. Hundreds of ships were engaged over an area stretching 1000 miles. Theoretically, the US naval forces, with their array of mass-produced might, should have had an easy time of it. But it didn't quite work out that way. Using the familiar Midway methodology, relive the carrier battles of Leyte Gulf in 1944. With updated and corrected Full Color maps and new ships (including the one that Avalon Hill forgot in their variant!) sail the Coral Sea once again.


B-17 Queen of the sky's Variants
Fly an 8th Air Force B-24, a Bomber Command Lancaster or fly in the Mediterranean with the 15th Air Force.

  • 15th Air Force
    The 15th was intended to supplement the Combined Bomber Offensive against Nazi Germany. Besides hitting targets beyond the range of the 8th Air Force, it was hoped that during the winter months the supposedly warmer climate of the Mediterranean would allow the Allies to bomb targets twice as often as the socked-in 8th.

  • B-24
    Using the tried and proven B-17 'Queen of the Sky's game system you can fly a B-24. This new and exciting FULL COLOR variant for Avalon Hill's B-17 "Queen of the Sky's Game. Includes everything you need to fly a B-24 instead of a B-17. New color charts, maps, Crew placement sheet, rules specific to the Consolidated B-24 Bomber, maps and more are all included.

  • Jagdgeschwader
    Fight your way through waves of Luftwaffe Fighters and bring the 3rd Reich to it's knees ! This new and exciting FULL COLOR variant for Avalon Hill's B-17 "Queen of the Sky's' Game. Includes everything you need to fly combat more and realistic German Fighter. New color fighter cards and rules specific to the Luftwaffe Jagdgeschwaders, etc. are all included in this variant.

  • Lancaster
    You can fly a RAF Bomber Command Lancaster bomber. This new and exciting FULL COLOR variant for Avalon Hill's B-17 Queen of the Sky's Game. Includes everything you need to fly a Lancaster in place of a B-17. New color charts, maps, Crew placement sheet, rules specific to the Lancaster Bomber and more are all included.

  • B-17 Counters
    Counters with realistic images such as crew members, aircraft damage, wounds, targeting and ACE status plus much mores are included in this set.



Take your old games and make it seem like NEW or add some new tactical variants, maps, full color counters, scenarios and more!

  • Air Assault on Crete  Cyprus
    Gen. Student's strategy for the capture of the Suez Canal involved the capture of Cyprus. But it was with the first step that the plan went awry. German losses on Crete in the parachute assault force were considered too high to pursue the plan to its conclusion. Yet the British garrison of Cyprus was correspondingly weak. Had Gen. Student realized this, he might have made the effort for its capture regardless of the decimated state of his parachute division. This game recreates the battle that might have occurred, the battle for Cyprus

  • Fortress Europa
    More emphasis on the air system the part of the game that is the most fun in the first place. German player can now fly CAP over specific targets, which introduces some new tactical and strategic con­siderations to the game. Strafing, ground support, and bridge attacks now require even more planning than before.
    While the role of the air units has been enhanced, the simplicity of the abstract approach has been maintained. German air units are now placed on the AMC and then moved to the map-board. The Allies can then cancel-out as many of these as they wish with Allied airpower. However, the un-canceled German aircraft reduce the effects of Allied air missions in some instances.

  • Turning Point:Stalingrad Expansion Counters
    The controversial expansion kit for Turning Point Stalingrad an unpunched accurate set of 216 reproduction counters (96 3/4" and 120 1/2"). This expansion set generated controversy because the rules for it were printed in the rule book that came with the base game, leading some consumers to claim that part of the game was "left out". In light of all the flack, Avalon Hill never repeated the experiment.

    On June 3, 1982, an Arab gunman critically wounded the Israeli ambassador in London. Regarding the assault as a violation of the reigning cease-fire, the Israelis bombed P.L.O. headquarters in Beirut in retaliation. When the Palestinians responded by shelling Nahariya, the cabinet activated "Little Pines". From the start, it was clear that Arid Sharon intended to execute ''Big Pines" instead. Immediately, Yaron's commandos embarked for a landing north of Sidon, well beyond the 40 km limit. Seven Israeli divisions massed on the northern border, four of them aimed at the Syrians in the Bekaa Valley.

  • ARAB-ISRAELI WARS   IRAQ - Desert Storm
    "Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines of the United States Central Command, this morning at 0300, we launched Operation DESERT STORM, an offensive campaign that will enforce the United Nation's resolutions that Iraq must cease its rape and pillage of its weaker neighbor and withdraw its forces from Kuwait. My confidence in you is total. Our cause is just! Now you must be the thunder and lightning of Desert Storm. May God be with you, your loved ones at home, and our Country."
    General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, USA Commander-in-Chief U.S. Central Command, in a message to the command, 16 January 1991

  • Bulge '91 Corrected Counters
    Battle of the Bulge 1991 edition Waffen SS and Luftwaffe Color Counters! Mounted and die cut counters for the Battle of the Bulge game by Avalon Hill 1991 (Smithsonian) edition. Waffen SS units in black and Luftwaffe units in pale blue. Add more Color and realism to your game! Also included is a sheet of game ERRATA snd CLARIFICATIONS to update your game.

    Designed to simulate these fluctuations and follow a platoon-the "Roughnecks" through the course of the Bug War, by stringing the scenarios in STARSHIP TROOPERS together into a campaign game, with the "Roughnecks" progressing from scenario to scenario, and with new rules that cover the problems of losing leaders and troopers and having to replace them with new leaders and untried recruits.

    PACIFIC ORIGINS OF WORLD WAR II Expansion adds the Pacific to Origins as a companion game to ORIGINS OF WORLD WAR II and it is primarily designed to be played simultaneously with that game. The new map sheet is of East Asia in the 1930’s should be placed so players have easy access to both game boards. China and Japan are also introduced as active participants, so this expansion may include up to seven players. (However, five people may still play with Germany / Japan and France / China as single players because there is no conflict of interests between these respective countries.).